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Hello world!

World, here I am! I’m not sure what I write about, but this will make it more fun. I guess the best way to start it to get to know me, and the other way around. I am 27 and living Beaverton Oregon. I moved here two years ago from my  hometown in Northern New Jersey. NO, I do not fist pump, so don’t ask me. My passion is reading and writing. Maybe I’ll post a short or two, but we’ll see about that. I’m not sure if I’m interesting enough yet to go that far on this  blog stuff. So yeah, now I’m out there uh? Weird. Millions could potentially read this, but it’s not in my favor I know. Well I’d rather only have fans I truly touch then trendalikes(yes, I just made that up) anyhow. Yeah So I’m in college, I have two cats, a couple of plants in my apartment and I’m a happy girl. Oh yeah, and my fiancé as well, haha. Nice to meet you WORLD!!! Bed time for me. 😉


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