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New Jersey Wedding Circuit

As I begin my search for the meticulous but comfortable florist, and photographer in New Jersey the realization is thick. It seems half the wedding circuit in Jersey is of Italian decent, which is great, because they put great stress on these family celebrations. Plus, let’s face it, the Italians know how to do it, whatever it is. It feels like home working with them. Although I may be of predominantly Irish/Scottish/German decent, I grew up with this community, and italian or not, Jersey as a whole has amazing regional character. So am I now on the Jersey ban wagon? Yeah, but I was born with it.

Anyway, the beginnings of the wedding are sounding amazing. But I will  say after meeting with about 10 different vendors the past two days, my head is thoroughly spinning with thoughts of ivory, roses, and fall. 😉


The World and our Responsibility

After watching Nobel Peace prize winner Wangari Maathai speak in an interview on, I must admit it had a big impact on me. I should be writing my paper for my women, activism, and environment class, but I can’t shake this doomed feeling in my stomach with a hint of guilt. I wake up every morning past 10 am to lounge and have breakfast for about an hour before I dive into my books or attempt to write for the day. I turn on the television to some crappy show, never the news, because quite honestly I can’t stand watching these high up in power MEN talk anymore. That’s all they do; they talk and it ends there. I know I’m not any better and I don’t feel effected by the decay of our environment, and yet here I am on October 1st and its 75 degrees out and 85 the day before. It’s not much, but I signed up to plant trees next Saturday. Will it reverse what we’ve done to our earth, no, but it’s a step closer than just talking.

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