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The World and our Responsibility

After watching Nobel Peace prize winner Wangari Maathai speak in an interview on, I must admit it had a big impact on me. I should be writing my paper for my women, activism, and environment class, but I can’t shake this doomed feeling in my stomach with a hint of guilt. I wake up every morning past 10 am to lounge and have breakfast for about an hour before I dive into my books or attempt to write for the day. I turn on the television to some crappy show, never the news, because quite honestly I can’t stand watching these high up in power MEN talk anymore. That’s all they do; they talk and it ends there. I know I’m not any better and I don’t feel effected by the decay of our environment, and yet here I am on October 1st and its 75 degrees out and 85 the day before. It’s not much, but I signed up to plant trees next Saturday. Will it reverse what we’ve done to our earth, no, but it’s a step closer than just talking.


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