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Alright, I’m back. I abandoned this project for a while and I’ve decided to give it a real go this time. I have the time, and hopefully some interesting thoughts to put down too. I guess I’ll talk about my wedding plans, because a lot has been planned since 2010. Flowers, check; photo’s, check; DJ, check; Dress, check; and just about everything except invitations. I’ve been resisting the long drawn out process of collecting addresses from three different parts of the US and a few international addresses as well. Anyways, this is boring.

I was thinking of posting some of my recent creative writing projects. It’s not easy sharing them though, although no one piece is connected to me on such a deep personal level that if it got slammed I’d be upset. Not that I have avid readers… When I write sometimes it’s wonderful, and sometimes I wonder what the hell I was thinking when that came out of my head. I don’t outline and sit down mapping out a story. I just can’t do that. It’s more like I have a general idea, an image, or feeling about something and go from there. Never stop for mistakes, just go, then go back and fix it. That seems to be my process. I never was a fan of organizing. Well yes I think I’m getting somewhere now, I think I’ll make this blog about my writing. I have something… although it’s not finished. So it’s more of an excerpt of something bigger—an idea. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about it and I think I’d like to finally do something with it. Ok I’ll post it. To follow this post…


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