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I’ve recently started a class in Irish Literature: The women. The culture of Ireland in the states has always been of high interest, especially since many of our ancestors descended from there. The teacher asked us why is it that we claim we are Irish, German, Italian etc… and not just say that we are American. I can see why she would ask that, and why the people actually from those places would wonder that, but I also believe we have a right to be proud of our heritage. I’m biased of course, because I am in fact American. It almost feels as if we’ve been robbed of a certain sense of self by not educating our children or ourselves more about where we come from in order so assimilate to the new modern America. America is kind of a huge mix of all the world’s cultures in one big pool, “the melting pot.” Plus, some people have held onto some of their traditions and some forget about it. Maybe this is why Americans are always trying to “find themselves.” Just a thought.


I just finished reading Fiona Stolen Child by Gemma Whelan for my class. What an amazing story! I highly recommend her book. It’s a fiction novel about a woman writer who is running from her problems from her home in Ireland. She now lives in NYC and finds that she still carries her troubles with her. From there the book is about her resolving her own personal ghosts. It’s hard to put it down, so go read it!

I’m working on a piece to put up here by the end of the week. So stay tuned :).





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