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So I have in fact lost some weight, and I’m very pleased about it. I still have a bit more to lose to get into my normal range though. My only secret is that I make sure I intake less calories than I’m burning, and I try to burn as many calories as I can. It’s not easy all the time to keep consistency, but consistency is what works, not pills, or fads, and cleanses. You can do you any diet, like counting calories, or weight watchers and if you remain consistent it will work. Based on all the weight loss crap that is marketed today, the majority of people don’t grasp that simple concept. Those hardcore diets, like zero carbs, are not something people can maintain for a long period of time; a week, two weeks, a month max and you’ll find yourself eating ten chocolate bars in one sitting while telling off anyone who tries to stop you. So I keep on counting my calories, and I choose to eat more healthy options, and once every few days I eat what I want within my calorie budget. That way I’m never going crazy for something.

I love pilates as my main workout, besides going walking 3-5 times a week. It’s this wonderful mix of yoga, while working out every muscle on your body through core training. I highly recommend it for women, and any man wanting to have killer abs.

Ok enough procrastinating a paper due at 5:30 today.


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3 thoughts on “Pilates

  1. chocolatespacemonkey on said:

    I think you’re beautiful

  2. Hey Jenny –

    You’re exactly correct. All fad diets fail the dieter every time. I workout daily at my local gym. Calorie counting, changes in dietary consumption, regular exercise, preferably total body exercises like pilates and yoga, are total body routines that are excellent calorie burning fitness programs. You’re most definitely on the right track and kudos to you for your weight loss. Keep it going and when you slack, don’t beat your self up about it. Get back on track ASAP. No worries, we’re human. My weaknesses are ice cream, pizza, and really most sweets. I still eat them but not as my daily diet.

    I eat fruits (carbs) mornings to mid-afternoon then no more after 2-3pm. The body becomes more complacent from dinnertime on so the carb burn slows also. Eat plenty of lean proteins that go directly into building lean muscle tissue while you’re burning the fat that sits between skin and muscle. This will help you have that toned, shapely figure that many women like to have without the bulky muscular look that I think, is not so attractive on ladies. My opinion on that one.

    Try to make sure you consume plenty of anytime veggies and consider tossing in oatmeal in the mornings for breakfast along with a banana. That combo is awesome for energy, high in fiber that helps pull fats from your foods and assists in natural body cleansing. If you like eating breads, try to stay with 12-grain whole wheat and skip all breads if possible at dinner through bedtime. Again, carbs won’t get burned unless you often workout 1-2 hours after your dinner meal.

    WOW I just noticed I wrote a lot. Sorry, lol. Thank you. 🙂

    • Thats alright, lol, a writer can’t help it. I try to so hard to eat light at night, but I don’t always succeed. Bread is my enemy as well as my greatest love at times, lol. Mother nature can be so cruel.

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