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Part 2—Victorian Underground


Part two, of my Victorian Underground. I’m not sure where it’s going yet, and I don’t like to put stories under genres because I don’t want to create any kind of expectations for the reader. Like most of my stories it may be getting away from me and becoming a longer endeavor than I meant it to be, but I’m going to go with my muse for this piece and resist cutting it down for now.

“Rosalie! What in hell are you runnin’ for?” a man said.

“OH! Y-you fucking son of a bitch you scared the shit out of me,” I said. I was breathing hard and fast while I was trying to convince my body and mind that I was in fact not going to be raped and murdered on my own stoop. Travis had been at the bar with some friends and I, and although we didn’t consider him in our inner circle, we enjoyed having him with us once in a while. As long as he didn’t bring along his little posse who I received more than my fare share of sexual harassment from. He was good at balancing his good looks with an all around nice guy air about him. I might even be interested in him, if the whole female population didn’t want to strip down for him. That wasn’t my idea of the perfect guy. I opted for the more natural rugged type, kind of dirty to keep away other gorgeous women. Talk about being self-conscious.

“Travis what are you doing here so late? I thought you took off to meet your girl?” I said

“Um, yeah I did. I went home and, well… she dumped me. I needed to get out, so I came here to see what you were up to, I brought ice cream? I come in peace, just looking for some company. Cigarette?” he said. He lit one for himself and handed me one. He sank down into my cushioned swing and took a deep drag of his cig. I figured I should cheer him up so I sank in next to him and lit up as well. I didn’t usually smoke when I wasn’t drinking. It’s a bad habit to covet.

“So how come you didn’t go to Benny’s, he’s your best friend isn’t he? Not that I’m not flattered you came here Travis, but we hardly know each other outside the bars. Except when we all come back to my place occasionally, ya know?” I said. I put out my cigarette in a coffee can I kept on the porch.

“Hah, yeah…. Well about Benny. The reason she broke up with me is because she’s been having an affair with him and now that Benny’s got that sweet new job, nothing was standing in their way now, blah-blah, dumb bitch. … I need new friends.” Travis looked down to the ground and grabbed the top of his head gripping his hair. To put it gently, the man was falling apart, I think I saw water in his eyes but he quickly sucked them back in not wanting to cry in front of me I suppose. I scooted closer to him and rubbed his shoulder for a few seconds, I didn’t want to get too friendly, but I felt sorry for him.

“Aw Travis, I’m so sorry. Ok let’s go in the kitchen and eat some of that ice cream, eh?” I asked him. I gave him my best cheer up smile. He finally turned up his eyes from the ground and gave me a half smirk. It was better than tears.

“Alright… Doll face,” he added.

We plunked down in my small cheap wooden table. He pulled out a Quart of Snickers ice cream, one of my personal favorites.
“Yum, you sure know what’s good,” I said. I winked at him while I went to grab the spoons in the drawer next to my fridge. I handed him one and kept the other for myself. He popped the top and set the tub of ice cream in the middle of the us. I raised my spoon and said, “cheers.” I didn’t mind eating out of the carton with him. I took my first bite.

I’d always been a girl not able to refuse someone, wanting to make them happy or in this case feel better. The fact that he was a good-looking somewhat older man was just a plus in my book. I wasn’t half bad myself, but I would never be anything less than humble about it.

“Oh my god, YUM, I didn’t realize how bad I had the drunken munchies. I must have scared my hunger away out there. Oh! By the way did you hear that noise outside on your way over here? It sounded kind of like a deep bell or something, I can’t place it, but I was about to go search for it down rosewood and then something made me jump, so I jetted home as fast as I could,” I said.

“No, I didn’t hear anything, but I did come from the opposite direction. I assume it’s stopped because we didn’t hear anything while we were talking on your porch,” he replied.


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