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My blog focuses mainly on my writing pieces I collect through out college. I’m an amateur photographer so I like to include it in my stories sometimes. I write fiction and science fiction because I love to read it, as well as create new and unusual stories for people to enjoy. Thanks for visiting my page, and if anything speaks to you I love getting feed back from everyone! Below is a shot of the fattest squirrel I ever saw. 


One thought on “About

  1. Hello Jenny –

    I’m very glad you like my blog post titled, “Fellow Bloggers, You’re Starting to Piss Me Off!” I get some many nice comments but everyone forgets to click the like button. Thank you for that. I’m also excited that you’re a story writer just like me. I love to write fiction and non-fiction, both very funny and emotional stories as well. I get so exhausted reading rant after rant blogs so I really am looking forward to reading your work. I’ll go check some out after I post my comment here to you.

    Two stories I have written which I believe you will enjoy are;

    I can’t tell you why you will like this story because I will be giving away the final ending. You will smile when you get there. 🙂

    Another story is a tame sci-fi emotional story with many true facts from my birth. It’s called, “A Mother Whispers Goodnight”. This is an emotional read and am so curious how a fellow writer feels and thinks about how all my stories are constructed…how they flow…if they move you in some way. Please give me your honest feedback from your story writing point of view.

    I hope we will be able to share great stories together. I’m off to read you now. Happy Tuesday to you. 🙂

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