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An update on our slow going process for our senior grant writing project. As slow going as it is, it is still amazing fun to learn about the local Native American Community. I kind of feel guilty that I knew so little until this point, but there is a lot of information out there and I would never begin to think I’m even close to learning even a fraction of it all. But it’s fun trying.


When looking for an appropriate funding source, it is important to know what type of organization you are writing the grant for, and to know the guidelines for each source you are considering. You may have one source that looks spot on, but then you discover it’s only meant for newly established organizations, only help certain states, or will not give to religious groups etc… There are always stipulations when asking for money for a good cause. So research is key in deciding the best funding source with the best possible chance for your organizations needs.

In our case it is a nonprofit that promotes education on health and wellness through media to Indigenous people and their youth of the Northwest. They have programs showing actually Native American Elders telling stories of old that were used to teach the youth life lessons in order to get bring them back to…

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This is another blog that me and my team mates from my senior capstone are doing. It will keep track of our grant writing experience with a non-profit called WISDOM/DOS, which I am very excited about! Yay.


This is our official first post! My name is Jenny, and if you are reading this, you support the wellness of the Native American communities, especially those within the metro area of Portland, Oregon. We are 5 women in pursuit of a grant to help our local Native American community to obtain funding for the betterment of their/our community. I (Jenny) will be the main writer in this blog, but the information will come from four other women with unique contributions of their own and maybe sometimes their creative inspiration will take over and they’ll write as well! If you do not know much about this rich culture, the organization we chose to help is called Discovering Our Story, and their website is full of history and their many missions they’ve taken on for their people. 

Now that our process is successfully moving forward, I will be glad to share our process, thoughts and feelings, and whatever we learn that is worth sharing…

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The Green Revolution; One Small Step

It’s been a while, and I’ve had this on my mind for a long while so I’m going to share it and hope you take it for what it’s worth!

I have been addicted to videos on Specifically video’s that bring us closer to nature, so that maybe we won’t be so numb to the effects we are having on earth… our only home. After watching a few shows about the Universe and how the creation of a life on earth is an inexplicable miracle of the right circumstances coming to together at the right time, it helped put into perspective how much we take for granted.

This video is about a man who traveled the world with his wife, they settled in Bali and made a fortune selling Jewelry, sold the company, and decided to contribute locally in Bali with a school. Watch this video, and tell me that this doesn’t make you wonder if we were still educated in taking care of our community through farming, and using indigenous materials etc, that maybe we wouldn’t be so desperate to “find” ourselves. A common phrase used in the US, as if each individual has to carve out their own nook in the world alone, but we aren’t alone, and rarely do we get to where we ought to be alone. We have help by family and friends, so why do we resist community to be alone and only individualistic in our life pursuits.

And, here is the link to the school and how to go about enrolling and visiting.


After Watching John Hardy’s video to share his new sustainable school with the world, you can see that he and his wife Cynthia are the type of people who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. I too have this looming feeling, that even if I flush the toilet I am not doing enough, and that I need to do something, but I have yet to find my niche besides being a volunteer. I need to get on top of this year. For now I obsessively research sustainability and the ongoing problems with our world. Well I have a lot of other resources to share that are similar to this green school, but one at time. Until next time folks. J



We’re not so Black and White Now

Wow, so everyone seems to be posting about Osama Bin Laden’s death. I’m just as happy as the rest of them, but the worry never disappears. The week after 9/11 if you weren’t in Manhattan you were on a search for an American flag to show your support. I was young at 17 when it happened, and me my friends ended up a few towns over before we found a store with flags left. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing people with their flags, driving or walking. At that point in my young life it was the first time I learned the feeling of patriotism. The Pledge of Allegiance never sparked anything inside me, it was just words I regurgitated without knowing what they meant.

Everywhere I drove with my friends in our crap cars, if you had a flag, people waved to you, nodded, whistled, and it was great. It was also the first time America didn’t feel so black and white, right and left. We were just together and we were pissed. Now we’re together again as one and we’re happy. No it won’t stop terrorism in it’s tracks, but damn, at least after ten years we have THIS moment. Am i right?


I’ve recently started a class in Irish Literature: The women. The culture of Ireland in the states has always been of high interest, especially since many of our ancestors descended from there. The teacher asked us why is it that we claim we are Irish, German, Italian etc… and not just say that we are American. I can see why she would ask that, and why the people actually from those places would wonder that, but I also believe we have a right to be proud of our heritage. I’m biased of course, because I am in fact American. It almost feels as if we’ve been robbed of a certain sense of self by not educating our children or ourselves more about where we come from in order so assimilate to the new modern America. America is kind of a huge mix of all the world’s cultures in one big pool, “the melting pot.” Plus, some people have held onto some of their traditions and some forget about it. Maybe this is why Americans are always trying to “find themselves.” Just a thought.


I just finished reading Fiona Stolen Child by Gemma Whelan for my class. What an amazing story! I highly recommend her book. It’s a fiction novel about a woman writer who is running from her problems from her home in Ireland. She now lives in NYC and finds that she still carries her troubles with her. From there the book is about her resolving her own personal ghosts. It’s hard to put it down, so go read it!

I’m working on a piece to put up here by the end of the week. So stay tuned :).




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