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Full Moon Inspiration

I’ve written a lot lately, but what I am working on now is something I see myself actually publishing futuristically so I am resisting to post excerpts about it. I’ve a spur of inspiration and I’m attributing it the Full moon tonight. I love the feeling of a full moon, although I can’t always see it being in Oregon, boohoo. My inspiration is just in time too because I have to submit what I have of this story on Friday for my writing workshop, eek! Workshops sometimes give you rough feedback, but they mean well and it’s good to get 20+ reviews on your work. It lets you know if you’re accomplishing what you meant to with your writing. So if someone thinks you’re writing a thriller and it’s actually a family drama or romance… yeah it’s time to start over. haha. Anyways keep reading and writing people. I’m going to continue mine right now. 🙂


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